Air Bridge to Freedom

By Bruce McAllister

In his ninth aviation history book, Bruce McAllister, with rare historical photographs, gives the reader an inside look at the Berlin Airlift. The author also served in Berlin as an artillery officer with the 2nd Battle Group, Sixth Infantry during the Cold War. BERLIN AIRLIFT covers a range of topics, including: the Airlift pilots who flew in hazardous weather, the resolute West Berliners, the various aircraft involved, maintenance challenges, runways made of rubble, and the aftermath of the blockade.

In June 1948, West Berliners, faced with starvation, looked to the Allies for help after the Russians cut off all land and water access to the Western Sectors. Both U.S. General Lucius Clay and President Harry Truman implemented the Airlift, against many top military advisors' objections. The British contributed a significant number of aircraft to the Airlift and the French built new runways to accommodate the huge increase in air traffic.

Contending with a typical frigid German winter in 1948-1949, the Airlift delivered over two million tons of supplies to West Berlin in 270,000 flights. The blockade finally ended on May 12, 1949 and the Airlift became a symbol of the United States resolve to stand up to the Soviet threat.


Format: Hard Cover / 8.5” X 11” Oblong

216 Pages

254 Photographs and Illustrations

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Release date: April 1, 2015

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